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Here is THE Breakthrough INVENTION
of this NEW Revolutionary Breakthrough

The Micro Strand Invention….

The Key – to Seeing & Feeling NOTHING! The Micro Strand before real hair is added.

The FINISHED Micro Strand…

Disappears in between your client’s hair. Finished Micro Strand with Human Hair attached.

The Micro Strand Invention Disappears when Blended in-between their client’s hair.

Client’s Results from Salons & Hairdressers who have purchased the Digital Video Course that Affiliates offer


Success Story #1: Amin Sheybani (Hair Studio Owner)

In all my years being in the hair industry I have never experience a method like InvisaBlend. This is the only method that blends-in hair and keeps the client’s existing hair healthy! It’s also the only method that we can still offer hair growth treatments while also having hair blending with InvisaBlend. Our clients are amazed.

Dear InvisaBlend, your method is truly amazing, unlike anything in the entire industry. Our clients are absolutely thrilled. InvisaBlend by far is the top and most advanced method of making hair fuller, it has completely upgraded my Hair Studio to an even higher level than it was before. The videos you provided us within your training course are perfectly detailed to shows my staff every detail to master perfection. I also love the InvisaBlend videos you provided within your training course of which clearly shows the public what InvisaBlend is and how it works—these InvisaBlend videos attract many more clients into our business—all we do is post the InvisaBlend videos and the public becomes immediately interested and impressed, therefore contacting our Hair Studio. This is a gamechanger for my company, highly recommended.

Amin Sheybani, owner of prestigious Hair Studio in Dubai

Success Story #2: Sheleen Williams (Master Stylist & Salon Owner)

Once we showed the InvisaBlend Videos to our existing clients and potential clients it was an immediately and logical connection that the InvisaBlend concept would work perfectly for our clients. The InvisaBlend videos draw lots of clients to our Hair Studio because these videos show our audience exactly how InvisaBlend works.

Dear Invisablend, your video training course is very details showing everything needed. Myself and my staff love having the training on videos because we were able to train when we had time and also go back to any detail we wanted.
When we post your InvisaBlend videos people become very interested and contact my salon. I love that these marketing videos were included in this training course. These videos save us a lot of time because they fully show and explain what Invisablend is and exactly how it works. Your consultation training video is also extremely helpful—they simplified how to show and explain how Invisablend works in a logical & honest way. My salon now offers something extremely unique and revolutionary, this has given us a tremendous edge in our industry, thanks so much.

Sheleen Williams, Master Stylist / Trainer / Hair Restoration/ Thin Hair Specialist – Owner of A Visionary Salon

Success Story #3: MonaLisa Morganberry (Salon owner in Cayman Islands)

We’re excited to bring this unique concept for Hair Addition to the Cayman Islands. Many of our client’s desire this truly unique process that does not disturb our client’s existing hair—keeping their own hair Healthy!

Dear InvisaBlend, this method is completely revolutionary! I have been in the hair business my entire life performing all types of hair extensions and hair replacement methods but this InvisaBlend stands far above anything I have every learn. The Training Course instructor within the videos is a perfect instructor because every detail was fully explained and showed making this InvisaBlend training course easy and simplified. People love the InvisaBlend method, it is truly what people have wished for, and it can be customized for any individual. My clients also say they see and feel nothing when the hair is blended into their hair, and my clients also comment they have full 100% access to their scalp.

A lot of my client’s also have stated how their own hair has grown using InvisaBlend which is truly amazing. I am proud to be InvisaBlend trained. Every Salon and hairdresser needs to offer InvisaBlend at least for the sack of making this InvisaBlend available to people all over. Thanks for inventing InvisaBlend.

MonaLisa Morganberry, owner of Hairden by Monalisa Salon, Cayman Islands

Success Story #4: Clara Alexandra, Salon Owner in the United Kingdom

A Revolutionary Hair Enhancement Method Attracts a wide range of clients with all kinds of hair conditions. Helping people by providing the best option is extremely rewarding AND the key to growing your business and profession. InvisaBlend method dramatically has grown my business and profession.

Dear Invisablend, this technique is completely opposite from everything else in the industry in reference to making hair fuller or longer for people in need. There is just nothing similar at all like this InvisaBlend, my client's love it. Far beyond my expectations and my client's expectations too. I see this to be more of a Hair Enhancement because InvisaBlend leaves all of my client’s own hair free to breathe and grow freely, which is a really big deal, and which is something people in general have always been wishing for. Respecting all the client’s existing hair is very important. I simply post the videos of which were in the training course and people then contact my company. The videos of which I post are very direct and educational for the public to understand this new and highly advanced technology, Invisablend. The video training course was just perfect because it gave me the opportunity to study it when I had time and train at my own speed, also to go back to any time is wanted, a perfect training tool. It’s sort of a coach in a box, ready for me any time to review and master the Invisablend technology. My business now stands out from many others and is growing steadily.

Clara Alexandra master stylist / owner of Clara Alexandra Clinic, Birmingham UK

Success Story #5: Nancy Lemieux, Hair Studio Owner, Quebec Canada

A major hair addition breakthrough makes a dramatic impact within well known Hair Studio. A highly skilled hair professional draws more interest than ever before.

Dear InvisaBlend, I knew as soon as I seen the InvisaBlend videos that this technique would make a major impact to all that seen these InvisaBlend videos. It was logical and obvious to me that the InvisaBlend concept would make a major impact in the entire industry. Based on my many decades of experience I have in hair replacement I knew immediately that InvisaBlend was desperately needed by all people in need of more hair. The InvisaBlend Micro Strand invention, the key to the InvisaBlend method is totally unique and amazing. This method is incredible fine, or better yet invisible when blended in between each of our client’s hair. I’ve never had so much success with my clients and I never experienced so much attraction from showing the InvisaBlend videos that came with the video training course. The InvisaBlend training videos are an ideal way of training any hair professional. They have all the details needed and it’s great to have videos to review whenever I want. In my opinion training needs a resource to go back to and review—and that’s exactly how beneficial the InvisaBlend training videos are. Having these training video at my finger tips have been a great training tool and resource. I love the InvisaBlend method and the video training videos. Taking InvisaBlend Video training has made a major impact in my business.

Nancy Lemieux, owner of “Cheveux Revolution Hair”, Quebec Canada

Success Story #6: Rosalind Briercliffe, Salon owner in Liverpool UK

InvisaBlend is a big hit in Liverpool, UK. The one and only method of making hair fuller of which you see and feel NOTHING! Our clients can now add hair within the top areas of which no hair extensions can.

The only safe and healthy method that encourages your own hair to grow while having any degree of fullness desired.

Dear InvisaBlend, the best training course I have every taken. If you are a hairdresser or a salon owner, the InvisaBlend video training course is an absolute MUST. The course was easy and very convenient to learn from. It’s is great to have every part of the training always at my fingertips due to the training being on videos.

Every person and client cares about the health of their hair first, so to now offer InvisaBlend as the only method of making hair fuller that keeps my client’s own hair healthy is a gigantic advantage. Plus, in all my years of experience from being certified with so many different hair extensions InvisaBlend is the only method of which my clients can now do anything with their hair, no restrictions at all.

My clients love the freedom of using any products and doing anything with their hair as they can normally do with their own. InvisaBlend is an outstanding asset to my business. Thanks.

Rosalind Briercliffe, Owner of XTROVERTS HAIR SALON. Liverpool United Kingdom

Success Story #7: Joanne Dransfield, Salon owner East Yorkshire, UK

The first Cure-All for everyone and anyone, a breakthrough technology that is making everyone thrilled. Giving people more hair while allowing their own hair grow is an outstanding benefit to all. More and more salons are finding out about this highly advanced and revolutionary technology

Dear InvisaBlend, the InvisaBlend video training course was very easy to learn. This concept of adding hair has open my doors to a world of more customers. InvisaBlend is a great opportunity for everyone that wants more hair because it is the only method that is healthy for my client’s hair, plus allowing full access to their entire scalp. In my opinion InvisaBlend will eventually make all hair extensions obsolete, there just is no comparison at all. InvisaBlend is the only technique that everyone loves. I am so glad the InvisaBlend training courses were on video, this saved me a lot of time and money because I received the training video immediately and was able to train when I had time, working around when I had clients. I watched and trained in between having clients during the day. Plus, these training videos were very simple and informative, every detail needed is in these training videos. The best training course I have ever taken, plus the best course that has brought me the most clients, and still is. Thanks so very much.

Joanne Dransfield, Expert Hair Stylist & Salon owner, East Yorkshire, UK

Salons and Hairdressers worldwide want and need InvisaBlend Training Videos

It’s up to Affiliates to make these Digital Training Courses available to Salons and Hairdressers Worldwide!!!

Why Should I Become Your Affiliate?

Reasons Why You Should Promote Us

What are our products about and we need to explain it?

InvisaBlend is a revolutionary breakthrough for making hair fuller that is causing ALL Hair Extensions and all other methods of adding hair to become Obsolete!  In short, InvisaBlend is the FIRST & ONLY method of adding additional hair that is safe and healthy for the existing hair. Due to a unique Invention called the Micro Strand hair can now be added one hair at a time and in a way where you see and feel NOTHING but fuller and or longer hair.  A remarkable breakthrough and a product & service that is deeply needed.

To help make this revolutionary concept available worldwide the Inventor who works within the InvisaBlend Headquarters has created Invisablend digital training course(s) that can be downloaded in seconds—for the purpose of making the Revolutionary InvisaBlend available worldwide by providing InvisaBlend Training Courses to Salons and hairdressers.  Any Salon, Hair Studios, cosmetic company, Hairdresser, etc. can enormously grow their business and profession by offering InvisaBlend to their clients.                                                                                 

The InvisaBlend Training Course(s) enable each salon and hair professional to train at their own speed and whenever time periods they choose due to the training being on videos.  This expert training course provides some of the following

  • Marketing and Social Media videos which draw a large interest to the Salon and hair professional. These videos do the educating and selling for each Salon and hair professional, therefore freeing up the hair professional’s time while building a large volume of new clients. 
  • Consultation training (Selling System) which has been simplified so each new client can see, feel and fully understand what InvisaBlend is and how it works. The best consultation system that makes all clients feel comfortable and want to order InvisaBlend.
  • Designing Training – Video on how to design InvisaBlend for ANY individual—making InvisaBlend the ONLY method that adjust to helping any client. This therefore dramatically builds strong clients.
  • Application Training – Simple step by step training on how to apply InvisaBlend
  • Maintenance Training – The Salon and Hair Professional will also quickly learn how to build a brand new stream of InvisaBlend services within their business.

Overall, any salon and hair professional can easily double their business and more just by offering InvisaBlend.  Conversely, any Salon and or hair professional that doesn’t offer InvisaBlend will be left behind within their professional—therefore making InvisaBlend Training Courses a MUST. 

Brief summery – Affiliates are marketing and selling digital Training Courses of a revolutionary method of adding hair to make hair fuller. This is a major revolutionary breakthrough now available to Salons and Hair Professionals—acquired through affiliates who offer these Courses.

Why have we invented these products?

InvisaBlend Training Courses were created for the purpose of making InvisaBlend available to the masses, worldwide!   Providing InvisaBlend digital Training Courses to all hair professionals so Salons and hairdressers can now offer InvisaBlend within their area.

How our products would be more advantageous than others?

Affiliates will now have an opportunity to market and sell a completely revolutionary product that is totally exclusive, plus a product that will change and upgrade an entire industry. Affiliates will now have the ability to offer digital Training Courses of a revolutionary product and service to professionals of which will cause these Hair Professionals (Salons, Hairdressers, etc..) to massively grow their businesses.

Why should people purchase our products?​

Any Salon and Hair Professional NEEDS to offer InvisaBlend just to keep up with the current times.  InvisaBlend is steadily causing ALL Hair Extensions and all methods of adding hair to become obsolete—because InvisaBlend is the ONLY method that is HEALTHY for their client’s existing hair, plus the only method that the Salon’s clients see and feel nothing but fuller hair.  Affiliates marketing and selling InvisaBlend digital Training Courses are offering Training Courses to professionals that will upgrade and change the entire industry.  A Major revolutionary breakthrough product packaged into digital Training Courses for professional to offer to their audiences.

We are here to help our affiliates as much as possible and are more than willing to work with you to help make promoting InvisaBlend Training Courses as successful as possible for you. Use our AFFILIATE TOOL KIT PAGE...
If there's anything that YOU need... don't hesitate to contact us.

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The Training Course that is changing the Hair Industry

The Digital Video Training Course – called “InvisaBlend Pro+” includes a Full TURN KEY Training System for Salons & Hairdressers:

Marketing and Social Media Videos – to attract a new world of clients.
Selling Videos – Salons & Hairdresser can now automate their sales — provided videos that do the education and selling for them.
Presentation Video – Simplified presentation steps that demonstrate perfectly how this Revolutionary method works—which causes sales every time.
Designing System – Easy customized steps that make the InvisaBlend method for anyone.
Ordering System – A simply seven step ordering form for fast ordering per each sale.
Application Video Training – How to apply & perform the InvisaBlend method.
Maintenance Video Training – Teaching Salons & Hairdressers how they will build an enormous additional service revenue system.

The Best Training Couse in the Hair Industry…
A must for ALL Salons & Hairdresser everywhere!

NOW available to Affiliates

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A Book has been written about this Revolutionary Method

dino dondiego (Book author)

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InvisaBlend PRO

( non-upkeep version of InvisaBlend )

Digital Video Training Course
ONLY $249

Additional 2nd… Digital Video Training Course

Salons and Hairdressers are now paying $2450, but…
 Affiliates get to offer this Training Course for only $249
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$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $  

Non-upkeep Version of InvisaBlend digital Video Training Course
For… Hairdressers / Salons / Hair Studios / Cosmetology Schools / Cosmetic offices
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