FREE Training Course Starter Kit

What you GET within your….
“InvisaBlend Training Course Starter Kit”

1- Growing InvisaBlend Service Revenues
Every InvisaBlend client needs monthly servicing from you.

  • Learn InvisaBlend maintenance services needed for your InvisaBlend Clients.
  • You create your OWN service prices

Note – Additional Profits from other Training Courses are available – / 1-800-992-9976

2- Client Magnet Videos
You get 9 videos that will attract ALL the clients you want.

  • These Videos show how InvisaBlend adds hair while keeping their own hair Safe & Healthy!
  • The more you share these videos—the more clients you get!

3- Consultations performed for you
Your set up Phone Consultations with your client & an InvisaBlend Consultant.

  • Just Text 201-6061-7614, or call 800-992-9976, or email to set up Free Consultations for your clients.

4- Everyone that orders InvisaBlend becomes your client.

5- Full Customer Service Support / 1-800-992-9976 / text 1-201-6061-7614