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The Salon/Hairdresser Revolutionary BREAKTHOUGH

Hair Loss BREAKTHROUGH - Certifications
for Salons & Hairdressers

Add Hair Anywhere while keeping
existing Hair Healthy!!!

Healthy for your client's existing hair!

For… Hairdressers / Salons / Hair Studios / Cosmetology Schools / Cosmetic offices
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NOW Add hair anywhere and See & Feel NOTHING. The Micro Strand® makes this possible!
See HOW you will attract MANY Clients… See more details below

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What common thing you will get within your both the Video Training Courses
  • Marketing & Social Media Video – 30+ video which will attract many clients to you.
  • Texting & Emailing Messages – Messages that will draw many clients to you.
  • Presentation Video Training – Easy, step by step details how to fully explain and demonstrate InvisaBlend to your clients.
  • Designing Instructions – Video showing easy steps how you will design and order each InvisaBlend hair process…for any hair situation.
  • Ordering System – Fast & easy ordering forms—each InvisaBlend FULLY made for you….ready for you, only to apply.
  • Attachment & Maintenance Videos – Short & easy steps how to apply and maintain InvisaBlend services. Clients return to you for their exclusive InvisaBlend touch-ups.
  • Hair Care Videos – A Videos link you give to your InvisaBlend clients which shows them best hair-care steps—educating your clients while saving your time.
See Exclusive Benefits… that will attract endless clients

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Key Exclusive Benefits:
  • Health – Keeping your client’s hair healthy!
  • Add hair on top… – Seeing Nothing!
  • Normal Brushing – Brush Directly down to your scalp
  • See & Feel NOTHING – Due to the Micro Strand Invention
  • Duplicate Real Hair Growth – Create perfect natural hairlines
  • 100% Perfect Blending – Any combination of hair colors blend perfectly – to create any effect
  • Last 3 to 4 YEARS – All clients love the longevity
  • Universal Cure – The ONLY method for ANY hair problem
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Special Time Limited offer – For Both the InvisaBlend PRO & PRO+ Training Course


InvisaBlend PRO

  • Fully Customized
  • The Revolutionary Comb-lock attachment
  • Marketing Videos
  • Email Marketing content
  • Invisablend Designing
  • Ordering System
  • Hair Care Videos


InvisaBlend PRO+

  • Fully Customized
  • Three Revolutionary attachment
  • Full Support for EACH Invisablend Order
  • Marketing Videos
  • Email Marketing content
  • Invisablend Designing
  • Ordering System
  • Hair Care Videos
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