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InvisaBlend Agent (video training course)

For… Sales Professionals / Entrepreneurs / Salons / Hair Studios /
Cosmetic offices / Adventurist Hairdressers

Training You Get

Partner with us to make InvisaBlend Available everywhere in the world

to use for marketing which attract hair professionals and sales professionals who want to learn and offer InvisaBlend.

how to explain what InvisaBlend is and how it works, using specific terms & phases of which keeps us exclusive.

Features and benefits of each training course of which you will be marketing and selling. Plus, videos that describe each training course.

to market your business

copy & paste emails with video links to market and sell InvisaBlend to hair professionals and sales people.

  • Copy and Paste emails with video links to stimulate interest to professionals.
  • Presentation steps for the overall training course sales and per each training course.
  • Training Course agreements for each of the five training course, these are the agreements to make each sale.

Everything you need to Market and selling InvisaBlend Training Courses

Your Investment - $2450.00

Return on your investment
two InvisaBlend client pays for your training…. Every invisablend clients after this is all profit for you.

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    • The MOST Potent marketing option
    • What Professionals is InvisaBlend for?
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