InvisaBlend Private…. Offer InvisaBlend through Phone consultations

InvisaBlend Private Training Course

People order InvisaBlend over the phone…
so, you can offer InvisaBlend Worldwide

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InvisaBlend Private (video training course)

For… Sales Professionals / Entrepreneurs / Salons / Hair Studios /
Cosmetic offices / Hairdressers

Training You Get

– to show, educate and market to your public that you now offer the revolutionary InvisaBlend. This attracts MANY clients to you.

– Simple copy & paste emails for you to get more clients FAST!

– Easy step by step instruction on video—how to perform an effective InvisaBlend Phone Consultation.
• A thorough step by step system explaining ever detail to your new clients.
• Clients email or text pictures to you of their hair
• Easy steps on how to provide options, with prices to give each client.

– diagrams for any client’s hair situation.

– a simple 7 step order form you just email in each order.

Everything you need to build an empire

Your Investment - $1450.00

Return on your investment
one InvisaBlend client pays for your training. Phone consultations provide enormously FAST growth. An easy way to grow a business.

More information

Order NOW…
InvisaBlend Private Training Course

Order InvisaBlend Private

and stand FAR-OUT from the crowd!

The Micro Strand before real hair is added.

Finished Micro Strand with Human Hair attached.

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A BOOK has been written about InvisaBlend
(This book outlines… HOW TO market and offer InvisaBlend)

What’s in this book

  • STAND OUT from the crowd
  • Get a steady flow of increased business
  • Guaranteed Repeat Business
  • The Micro Strand invention – how it will change everything
  • Cost is the BEST PART
  • FREE Trials – Brings you many new clients
  • The ONE Thing – that provide Limitless Growth!
  • The MOST Potent Marketing Option
  • Royalty Opportunity!


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