Pro | InvisaBlend Training Course

InvisaBlend Pro… A simplified self-attachment

The Micro Strand invention….

The key – to Seeing & Feeling NOTHING!


InvisaBlend Pro (video training course)

For… Hairdressers / Salons / Hair Studios / Cosmetology Schools / Cosmetic offices

Training You Get

Every InvisaBlend hair process is finished and fully customized for you—ready for you to apply.

Applied in only 10 – 30 minutes

  • You’ll learn this attachment in 10 minutes
  • Automatic hold, up to 60% – the Micro Stands form to the exact configuration of the client’s head, therefore creating an automatic hold. The Comb-locks only holds the InvisaBlend hair in place.

You can email pictures of your client’s hair with your order—you than receive verification that each order is perfect, or corrections are made for you automatically.

to show, educate and market to your public that you now offer the revolutionary InvisaBlend. This attracts MANY clients to you.

Simple copy & paste emails for you to get more clients FAST!

the perfect presentation that gets results, while being purely honest.

diagrams for any client’s hair situation.

a simple 7 step order form you just email in each order.

private access to a series of InvisaBlend Hair Care video which guide your InvisaBlend clients on easy hair care.

Everything you need to start offering and servicing InvisaBlend

Your Investment - $2450.00

Return on your investment
one InvisaBlend client pays for your training….Five invisablend clients gets you 5X your investment…
Ten InvisaBlend clients gets you 10X your investment…. Etc…

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      The Micro Strand before real hair is added.

      Finished Micro Strand with Human Hair attached.

      A BOOK has been written about InvisaBlend
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      • How to STAND OUT from the Crowd?
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      • The Micro Strand invention, how it will change everything!
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      • The MOST Potent marketing option
      • What Professionals is InvisaBlend for?
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